When They Found This Dog, He Was Too Sick For Treatment, But He’s Come A Long Way

841 views 07 January 2017

He was a walking skeleton when they found him. It was shocking that a dog with every single rib visible was even still able to walk. Mr. Hicks, a pit bull, was suffering from sarcoptic mange, dermatitis, heartworm, and was malnourished. You would think that would be enough suffering, but Mr. Hicks was also blind. How is this dog alive?

Mr. Hicks was found on the streets of Puerto Rico. He has been taken in by a foster mom who cooks meals for him every day. Mr. Hicks is getting medicine for his heartworms and medicated baths for his skin ailments. He is on the mend! What is sad is that Mr. Hicks had cropped ears and a collar. This means that he used to be someone’s pet.

So, it would appear that some heartless person just didn’t want him anymore. Thankfully, that has all changed. Share away, people.

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