This Family Thought Their Dog Was Killed In A Tornado, But During A News Interview THIS Happened!

8022 views 08 January 2017
If you're the parent of a fur baby, then there's one thing you already know - it's difficult to imagine, even in your wildest dreams, losing your pet, ever! But it's quite obvious that this family was faced with this horrific experience when they became victims of a tornado.

The man, who was visibly shaken and distraught over the prospect of never seeing his beloved dog again, is brought to tears as the tiny dog comes running into his arms during a news interview.

As you can see in the video, the poor man is in rough condition himself, but when he catches sight of his beloved pet he forgets everything else going on around him and breaks down in tears.

As soon as they had the dog in their arms, he was rushed to the hospital to make certain that he wasn't injured. This man was so overwhelmed when he saw his pup, that I couldn't help crying myself!

Isn't this wonderful? So touching, and I can't even imagine what this poor family must have been going through until they finally laid eyes on their little doggie.

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