This Dog Didn’t Know Where His Owners Were Taking Him. When I Found Out, I Cried Too.

33264 views 09 September 2016
Dogs never understand why their owners give them up. They’re taken away from the only family they’ve ever known, and it can leave them somewhat traumatized. In some cases, removing them from their home is for the best.

AJ was a dog who was taken in by the Carson Animal Control agency earlier this year, and the poor pooch was confused about the change in his situation. He has been described as being an extremely sweet dog who loves people and other canines, but he is slowly losing his spark to live the longer he’s at the shelter. Also suffering from a cold, he needs someone to help brighten his day and give him a forever home.

And if someone doesn’t step in soon, he’s likely going to be euthanized, and will never know what true human compassion feels like. We should all keep our fingers crossed that someone steps up to the plate.

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