They Couldn't Find Their Dog So They Began Searching. Where They Found Him? This Is Sad.

4055 views 06 January 2017

In Desoto County, Mississippi, a dog known as Rebel was stolen from his yard. He was then tied, using a cable, to the back of a truck, and dragged or about half a mile down the road. Rebel sustained serious injuries. His jaw was ripped open, and he got deep cuts on his abdomen, legs, side, and feet.

Ray Duncan, Rebel’s owner, said he couldn’t understand why somebody would want to hurt Rebel. A reward of $2 500 is being offered to anybody who could help authorities locate the person or people who did this to poor Rebel. The guilty party will be paying a fine of up to $2 500, will be charged with animal cruelty, and will be imprisoned for six months.

And because Rebel was stolen, they would also face larceny charges and will have to pay up to $10 000, and serve up to 10 years in prison.

Let’s wish for Rebel’s fast recovery!

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