Sick Dog Wanders Into Fire Station And Finds A Band Of Brothers Willing To Do Anything To Save Her

2129 views 04 October 2016
What would you do if a sick, stray dog wandered into your backyard, in desperate need of help? The firefighters of East Cleveland Ohio knew exactly what to do when a sick mangy dog walked into their fire station. The dog had a severe case of mange, she had wounds all over, and her skin was infected. And she happened to wander into the fire station. The dog followed one of the firefighters around, and it was like she was asking for help. Thankfully, the firefighters welcomed her, and they knew exactly what to do to help the poor dog. This was not the first time that a stray dog walked into their fire station. They immediately brought her to the vet, and there she got some love from the veterinarians too.

I think this dog is pretty smart (and lucky!) to have walked into the fire station. She got the help and the medical attention that she needed. A big thank you the firefighters of East Cleveland Ohio for helping this poor dog get a chance to live a happy life! This dog now has a foster home who will take care of her until her mange is treated. And hopefully, she will find a loving forever home very soon!


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