Senior Dog Was Having A Hard Time Greeting The Mailman, So Mailman Came Up With A Plan

483 views 09 January 2017

Some dogs chase their neighborhood postal worker. But not all dogs will bite and be aggressive. Some dogs just want to say “Hi!” In Boulder, Colorado, Jeff Kramer delivers the mail for the USPS. On his route, he is greeted by a dog named Tashi, a black lab. Kramer and Tashi have greeted each other every day for the past several years.

They have a special bond and a unique friendship. Recently, Kramer noticed that the 14-year-old dog was having trouble navigating the stairs at his home (not surprising for a dog of his age). So, what did Kramer do? He went to the family’s home on his day off and built Tashi a ramp!

Kramer made a ramp for his own dog, Odie. But Odie passed away a few years ago, and the ramp wasn’t being used. Tashi’s owner, Karn Dimetrosky was very grateful for what the mailman did for the dog! Share away, people!

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