Tourist Taking A Selfie In The Ocean Is Stunned When A Humpback Whale Appears Behind Him

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When you go to take a selfie – you probably don’t want anything to get in the way. If something does get in the way, like another person or an animal, it is called a photo bomb. Most photo bombs are annoying. Others can be hilarious. The photo bomb showed here is just awesome! Will Rosner, 24, was diving in Tonga in the South Pacific.

He had an amazing six hours with several humpback whales – that alone would have made for a great trip. Rosner had the whales swim right up to him and dance and sing.

The whales were all sensitive, curious, and friendly. Scroll down to see some of the photos Rosner took – they are breathtaking!

A carpenter by trade, Rosner has been traveling the world for the last 18 months. He recalls that he and the crew played most of the day with nearly a dozen whales.

There was even a mother and calf! The mother had scars on her body. Rosner said he was only half the size of one of the whale’s flippers!

Then something incredible happened – Rosner made eye contact with one of the whales and then he was lifted right out of the water with its tail!

Then – the photo bomb! Will captured this amazing image when he surfaced for a quick break. The whale couldn’t have had better timing!

On his trip, Rosner also saw a family of dolphins – you can see the baby in between the adults! He also saw sting rays. The trip was a once-in-a-lifetime action packed adventure!

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