Starving Sea Lion Pup Sneaks Into Upscale Seafood Restaurant (VIDEO)

2012 views 20 September 2016
An 8-month-old California sea lion snuck into the Marine Room restaurant and curled up in a booth. Employees at the San Diego oceanfront eatery are not quite sure how she got in in the first place.

Bernard Guillas, the executive chef, thinks the malnourished sea lion got in through the back door. SeaWorld San Diego was called, and they took the pup to their facility for rehabilitation and medical care.

The sea lion weighed half of what she should weigh, and she was dehydrated. Violent storms, high tides, and El Niño cause young sea lions to find drier ground. When sea lions become dehydrated, they will find a dry, warm place because being in the water makes them cold.

As for the pup, SeaWorld is cautiously optimistic that she will fully recover. Watch the video below to meet the unlikely patron!

Source = heroviral

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