Puppy suffers horrific chemical burns, then finds teenage burn victim who understands him!

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Chloe Levenson, a 14-year-old girl who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, was just a baby when she was severely burned.

Her burn isn’t very visible, but it has proved to have a constant impact on her life. For months, Chloe had been begging her mom, Toby Levenson, to adopt another dog, but they hadn’t found the right fit.

Then, Toby got a phone call from the burn hospital that had treated Chloe. They were looking for a forever family for a dog who was a burn victim. Toby couldn’t say no.

Chloe and Fireman immediately connected — they understood one another’s circumstances better than anyone else could have. It was obvious that Fireman and Chloe were the perfect fit for one another.

Kristy Keusch, Fireman’s foster mom, was instrumental in pairing up Chloe and Fireman. She was volunteering at Antioch Animal Services when the shelter manager pulled her inside and asked her if she had seen Fireman.

Fireman was in one of the recovery rooms when. Kristy first went to see him, and he was laying on his side in pain. It looked to Kristy like Fireman had been chemically burned, and she immediately knew that he needed someone who would understand him and his needs.

At this point, a local news station reached out to the burn hospital. And then they got back to Kristy and told her they had found the perfect family for Fireman. Now, Fireman and Chloe are happier than ever.

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