Puppy Deserves An Oscar For Her Hilariously Dramatic Performance While Playing With Dog.

1035 views 07 January 2017

We know that opossums will play dead when threatened. But are there other animals who do the same thing? It is a rather ingenious way to have your stalker leave you alone. If you are dead, you are no longer interesting. Well, I don’t know what other animals play dead to avoid being eaten – but the dog in this video played dead while, um, playing.

Why? I have no idea about that either. When the video starts, we see two dogs playing, one dog is dashing about, and the other is watching. Then, they meet in the driveway. The one dog ‘bites’ the other on the neck and down he goes. His body gets stiff and everything! It was as if that was a fatal bite.

The people laugh, and the dog picks up his head. Then he is up and at it again! Share away, people!

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