Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin Is Captured On Camera Swimming In A Louisiana Lake

472 views 17 September 2016
A rare pink dolphin was spotted in Lake Calcasieu in Louisiana recently. The lake has slightly salty water, so it is a good environment for dolphins. The bottlenose dolphin was named Pinkie.

Pinkie was first seen in the lake in 2007. Her bright pink coloring caught everyone’s eye. Bottlenose dolphins are normally gray, but the bubble-gum pink color of this dolphin has delighted people everywhere.

People believe Pinkie is an albino – but she has a richer, darker pink color than most animals with albinism.

Erik Rue, a charter boat captain, was the first person to spot Pinkie, and he said she seems perfectly normal. Rue has seen Pinkie do what all other dolphins do. Since 2007, Pinkie has sort of been a local celebrity.

People go out on boat tours in the hopes of catching a glimpse. Rue says Pinkie is curious and friendly, and she often comes within five feet of his boat. Many albino animals have a hard time hunting or hiding from predators compared to their normally colored mates.

But, Pinkie seems to be doing well, and that is good news! Rue has seen Pinkie mating with a male dolphin in the lake. No one is certain, yet if Pinkie is pregnant, but there may be a baby on the way!

Pink dolphins are not always albinos – there are species of river dolphins in South American and Asia that are pink. Most bottlenosed dolphins have a pinkish color on their underside.


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