Man Travels To Africa To Study Big Cats — Then He Sees One Running Towards Him

332 views 11 January 2017
Big cats are well, big! They are also majestic and beautiful creatures. They can also be very dangerous. Valentin Gruener grew up in Germany. He had a special connection with cats and took great pride in helping sick cats. When he was older, he took his love of cats and went to Africa. There he wanted to begin working with big cats.

If you want to work with big cats, Africa has them! Soon after arriving, he met Mikkel Legarth, this was back in 2009. The two men shared a passion for big cats and founded Modisa Wildlife Project.

The two men rescued a cub and named her Sirga. Neither one wanted her to be raised in captivity – so they worked hard at raising her in the wild.

Sirga had been abandoned, and her siblings were all killed by a pack of lions. In the video below, you will see that Sirga is all grown up and has a special connection with Valentin. Modisa Wildlife Project offers visitors an authentic learning experience.

People how are dedicated to conservation can go to Modisa and camp in the bush, feed the lions, learn tracking, prepare traditional food of the Bushmen, and more!

The Project is located on a 25,000 acre Grassland Reserve. Modisa’s long term goal is to find a place for all the animals on the Reserve to be relocated and released.

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