Man Sees Something Curled Up On The Side Of The Highway — Then He Realizes What Happened

5597 views 21 December 2016
Most animal lovers believe that, if they were to see an animal in need, they would spring into action to help in whatever way they can. Sometimes, though, that’s easier said than done.

Unfortunately for one puppy abandoned in the middle of a busy highway, any rescue would’ve been dangerous due to speeding cars and trucks and the narrow shoulder. And that’s only if anyone would notice him at all! Luckily, there was hope.

“This video was taken in the first minutes after Cenk spotted him in the highway,” Viktor wrote. “They reflect what rescue is all about, they show the conditions in which we work here, the risks we take at time but above all, they show the indifference of society towards an issue that shames all of us…”

Baby deserves to be treated just as well as any other dog, and it’s great that he’s finally with a loving forever family. Everyone involved in his rescue and recovery is a hero!

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Source : Honesttopaw

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