Man Runs After Mountain Lion In His Underwear To Save His Senior Dog

3805 views 04 October 2016

In Placerville California, a man ran outside barely clothed to save his dog who was being attacked by a mountain lion. It happened around 11:30 at night, Kirk Fetter was already in bed when he heard a commotion out on his deck. When he checked outside, he saw his eight-year-old dog, Tiki, being attacked by a huge mountain lion. Kirk was just in his underwear but he didn’t care; all he cared about was saving his dog from the jaws of the mountain lion. So he ran outside and charged towards the big cat.

Tiki sustained puncture wounds in her head and ear, and a cut on her stomach. There was no vet available at the time of the attack, but luckily, Tiki’s injuries weren’t life-threatening. So a word of caution living in rural areas, please keep your pets inside the house to avoid attacks from wild animals.

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