Kitten Flushed Down Toilet Never Stopped Crying For Help

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The brave men and women from fire departments around the world are respond to a variety of calls. Some of the calls involve rescuing a trapped animal. Last week, early in the morning, the Ford County Fire & EMS (FCFD) from Dodge City, Kansas, got a disturbing phone call. A 3-week-old kitten had reportedly gotten trapped in a toilet.

When they arrived on the scene, the rescue team found out that a 4-year-old child had taken the newborn kitten away from its mother and flushed it down the toilet. The child had been unsupervised at the time

The kitten could be heard mewing for help. The rescuers removed the toilet completely to see if they could reach the kitten, but it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Robert Boyd, the FCFD fire chief said the kitten had gone 4 feet and then turned into the piping that leads outside. The camera they put in the pipe revealed that the kitten was lodged just beyond a bend in the pipe.

They worked for three hours cutting pipe and cleaning away dirt. Finally, the rescuers were able to pull the tiny kitten out!

Boyd recalled the kitten wasn’t moving much. They quickly began to dry her off and warm her up. After being cleaned off, she was returned to her mother. The kitten was named Miracle and was reported to be doing quite well after her ordeal.

Boyd admits that his team has done many animal rescues in the past, but never have they dug an animal out of a toilet. Share away, people!

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