When You See What This Huge Dog Is Searching For, Your Heart Will Melt… Oh My!

2630 views 22 September 2016
Have ever played Hide-and-Seek with a toddler? You can’t really follow all the rules when playing with them because they don’t fully understand the rules. I like when they cover their eyes to count, but then open their fingers to peek and see where you are going to hide. Most of the time, you have to be sure that your child can easily find you or they will get upset and frustrated.

The little girl in this video is playing Hide-and-Seek with her dog Sebastian. The little girl has a treat, and she runs off to hide. It takes Sebastian a few moments to track down the girl and his treat – but he does manage to find them both! You have to wait until the end and listen to the girl’s reaction when the large dog leans over to get his treat after finding her!

This is just adorable and incredible at the same time, don’t you think?! Don’t forget to share away, people!

Source = heroviral

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