When The Horse Approaches The Veteran And Does THIS, The Tears Start Rolling

4133 views 20 September 2016
We all know how magnificent horses are and their healing power is just incredible. People have only recently begun understanding a horse’s healing power and some even swear by it. Usually when an army veteran suffers from PTSD, they’re advised to get service dogs, and that works too.

But in the land of nature healing, we’ve now got horses, horses with a new purpose in life – to help veterans with PTSD. In a program called Saratoga War Horse, army veterans are paired with special horses and they’re taught how to communicate with them. The results are nothing short of miracles, really!

This is the most incredible way of helping war veterans deal with PTSD, don’t you think? If you enjoyed this video as much as I did, don’t forget to share it with everyone you know

Source = heroviral

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