Heroic Woman Saves Dog...And Breaks Down In Tears When The Dog Does THIS!

493 views 22 December 2016
Hope For Paws received an urgent call when homeless poodle was spotted on the streets of LA, weak, neglected, and extremely ill. After rushing to the scene, they found a tiny dog who was all alone. She was totally ignored by the world around her, and was so filthy that her blackened fur blended in with the grey city streets.

At first, I was sure Annie, Annie, the kindhearted who approaches Layla, would be met with growls and maybe even bites. But as she picked up the pup and brought her in close to console her with a “You’re okay, I’m here to help you,” it was clear this dog had a heart of gold. All she needed was a chance. Annie was brought to tears by this show of unexpected gratitude in the face of such hardship.

Layla’s foster parents played a key role in her recovery. The joy of watching her come out of her shell, recover from sickness, and become a happy pet is truly priceless!

I’m so happy Layla is safe and sound… and finally loved.

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