Hedgehog Was Pressing Her Head Hard Against The Glass. Then Everyone Saw A Miracle.

1620 views 09 January 2017

Hedgehogs are cute, fluffy creatures. Wait, fluffy? Not so much, they have about 500 spines so you may not want to hug one! They got their name because of how they root in hedges to find food. Many people can’t live without the cuteness and have hedgehogs as pets. I am not a fan of having exotic pets myself, I think they should be allowed to live outdoors.

Anyway, Elaine Wong bought a 6-month-old hedgehog in 2013. She named her hedgehog Coco. What Elaine didn’t know was that Coco was pregnant! Just six months old and already a mom?! Coco gave birth to four babies, three females, and one male. You are about to witness the miracle of birth.

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