Goose Falls In Love With Rescuer And Sabotages His Relationships With Women

832 views 20 September 2016

A goose named Kyle fell in love with Mike Javanjee. Mike and some friends were out on Lake Oswego when they noticed a baby gosling was drowning. Mike took the gosling home and took care of her until she was able to take care of herself. But, Kyle imprinted on Mike and has no intention of leaving. Mike says he has tried to take her miles and miles away and leave her.

But Kyle gets home before he does and is waiting for him every time! Kyle even follows Mike when he goes into the city. Kyle behaves nicely when Mike has a male companion. But when Mike tries to interact with women – Kyle sees them as a threat and lets Mike know! Watch the story below! It will put a smile on your face!

Mike has relented and has embraced Kyle and all her behaviors – but then he really didn’t have that much choice! Share away, people!

Source = heroviral

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