Mama Giraffe Waits For Exhausted Newborn Baby To Show Signs Of Life (VIDEO)

4754 views 08 September 2016

This video is from October 2008. It shows the live birth of a new baby giraffe! It was the second time in as many months that the Memphis Zoo welcomed a new baby reticulated giraffe! It was just after 7 a.m. when Sarabi, a 13-year old giraffe gave birth. Shortly after being born, the baby stands and starts to nurse!

Zookeeper Richard Meek was very happy to see the baby stand. It is normal for a newborn giraffe to stand within an hour of birth. You can hear the crowds react every time the baby falls when trying to stand. When the baby does stand the crowd cheers and claps! Note: The video shows the entire birth and some people may find it disturbing.

My favorite part was when mom, Sarabi turned around and bent down to check on her new baby! How amazing that would have been to see the baby be born up close! Share away, people!

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