Gardener Discovers A Clutch Of Tiny White Eggs. Then One Starts Hatching In His Hand

7882 views 11 January 2017
Who doesn’t love a good mystery? One gardener in Hawaii had a mystery on his hands. Most gardeners will tell you that they want beautiful, colorful blooms and very few weeds in their gardens. Some gardeners pride themselves on the delicious foods that they can grow. But, the farmer in Oahu, Hawaii found some strange eggs in his garden.

They were tiny and white, and he found them scattered inside a bamboo log. If you look at the bottoms, they seem to be ‘glued’ to the surface. This is the way some lizards protect their eggs from predators. Each egg was about the size of a pea.

The farmer noticed that some of the eggs had already hatched. Being curious, the farmer picked up the eggs.

Please note, that it is best just to let nature be. Some eggs are very fragile, and if you pick them up, they may crack, killing the baby inside. But, since these were lizard eggs, the farmer knew the mother wouldn’t be back (unlike birds who will return to their young).

Wouldn’t you know it, one of the eggs hatched right in his hand! How cute is the teeny tiny gecko?! The baby looks so fragile.

Unlike birds, lizards don’t imprint, so the farmer returned the newly born gecko. Hopefully, the little guy will be able to find his brothers and sisters! The new gecko family belongs to one of the seven species of geckos that are known to inhabit Hawaii.

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