When She Tells Her Sick Dog She Loves Him, She Gets The Best Response Ever

903 views 22 September 2016
After being injured or having surgery, it may be necessary to limit how much activity your dog has. Often dogs are required to wear a ‘cone of shame’ so that they don’t chew at the incision or bandages. If your pet injures their paw, they may have a cone of shame and have to be put in a crate so their paw has time to heal properly.

That is the situation Ben, the French Bulldog puppy, finds himself in. He is in his crate with a cone of shame after injuring his paw. His mom didn’t want him to forget that she loves him, though. He isn’t being punished, just being protected from himself. So, in the video, his parents tell him that they love him, and Ben replies!

He has the cutest response! You probably have to watch it twice to fully appreciate how cute Ben is! Share away, people!

Source = heroviral

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