A Boarded-Up Doghouse Was Pried Open Revealing A Heartbreaking Situation

41495 views 09 September 2016
A doghouse was found sitting in the left lane of traffic in souther Los Angeles. The house had been boarded shut, and there was an injured dog trapped inside. The Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation was called, and they came to get the dog.

Reportedly, the dog had been locked up for three days, and his wounds had not been treated. The dog was terrified after what he had gone through. The rescuers had to use force to get the poor guy out of the doghouse.

After getting a bath and a name – Walter Worthy Higgins is looking and feeling a little better! Walter Worthy Higgins is being fostered. He needs to learn to trust humans again, and there is a lot of work ahead of him.
But, for now, Walter is in good hands, and when he is ready, he will be looking for a new forever home. Good Luck Walter!

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Source : heroviral.com

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