Dog With ‘Two Noses’ Just Wants A Family Who Loves Him

192 views 08 January 2017
Parvovirus is a contagious disease in dogs. It is not completely curable, but according to, your dog can recover from it and live a full life. The owners of a 7-month-old pit bull/boxer mix were not willing to care for him when they found out he had parvovirus.

He was surrendered to the Lexington Humane Society. The dog, Gates, who also appears to have two noses has overcome his illness thanks to the team. Gates has a congenital nose abnormality and doesn’t really have two noses, it just looks like he does.

Gates is now a happy, healthy puppy who loves to play and meet new people. Gates is looking for a forever home. Wherever he goes, that family will be very lucky!

You can contact the Lexington Humane Society if you are interested. Gates loves to play and give kisses – think you can handle that?

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