This Dog Goes Straight To Sleep When His Mom Sings Him A Lullaby

284 views 04 October 2016

Dogs like kids It is no surprise to see dog owners treating their dogs like they treat their kids. This is because not all animals are like dogs as they form a really special bond with humans. Dozens of times we have seen that dogs even give their life while protecting their owners. So it is natural for dog owners to give equal share of love and care in return too. Same goes for this dog that is so loved by her owner that she gets to listen a lullaby every night. Loving the lullaby It is a one of a kind video that shows 5 years old Staffy that is everything for her owner and the owner makes her feel special in every way. She sings a lullaby for Staffy and has been doing so ever since Staffy was a little puppy. It works like a charm on Staffy and she immediately goes to sleep when she gets to listen to her favorite lullaby that she has been listening to for years. This is adorable! DOGSWOOFS.COM

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