Despite Being Highly Allergenic, Doctors Urge To Feed Babies Peanut Butter

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Peanut butter is one of my favorite foods! It is versatile, tasty, and it is a good source of protein. Did you know that in 1890, according to the Peanut Butter Lovers website, people with bad teeth were advised to have peanut butter paste? A doctor from Missouri’s largest city, St. Louis, actually came up with this idea. And peanut butter wasn’t expensive either, for just 6 cents, people could get a pound of peanut paste.

peanut butter
Well, today, even though peanut allergies seem to be commonplace, doctors are recommending that parents introduce their babies to peanut butter when they turn four months.
peanut butter
It used to be that children wouldn’t be given any peanuts until they turned three – the hope was to avoid the allergic response. But research now seems to be showing that the delay in introducing peanut butter has the opposite effect.
Most of us take our children to the doctor to get vaccinated against illnesses like mumps, chicken pox, and measles.
The vaccine allows their bodies to develop an immunity to those illnesses. It turns out that the same thing can happen if you give your child peanut butter at an early age.
The National Institutes of Health are saying that it is okay to introduce peanut butter, in small doses, to your child. This could help lower the overall rate of peanut allergies! It is up to you if you want to allow your child to use peanut butter as body paint! LOL!
Still not convinced? Visit the American Academy of Pediatrics, they have more information for you there. But before feeding your babies peanut butter, please speak to your pediatrician. Share away, people.

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