Could This Video of Trophy Hunters Getting Attacked By a Lion Be Real Or fake ?

178 views 24 December 2016
Over the last year or so there have been a lot of stories about hunters killing Lions in the news. There was the cheerleader from Texas who got a lot people upset when she posted pictures of herself with a Lion she shot. And then there was the Minnesota dentist that created a firestorm after he killed a famous Lion named Cecil. But now comes a different kind of story about a Lion that takes revenge on some hunters. 

First sent in by Lindsay Ortiz, Riley G Graham, and Zain Richard, the video shows what looks like an angry lion attacking two hunters. 

But is this video for real? Or, are we looking at another big fat safari fake. Let’s jump on this and see what we can find out. 

Taking a closer look at the video, we see it was first posted by Jayden Tanner on June 7, 2016. It shows a woman with a big hunting rifle stepping behind what we assume is a lion she just killed. Her hunting partner adjusts the camera and then gets in the video for trophy pictures. They make a few poses then the male returns to adjust the camera. Just as he does this, a new Lion appears and chases them both out of the shot. We hear some screams and a few gunshots, but in the end, the Lion reappears leading us to believe the humans must be dead. 

Now on the surface this looks pretty authentic - Lions are known to charge people - and this has been documented in countless videos and documentaries. This video was also covered on news program “inside edition” which said it could be real. But on the other hand, the dead Lion in the video looks a little "photoshopped,"

I sent the video to my research group, the chewy Piranhas as well as some visual effects experts… and thanks to them, I now have this, the official answer. 

The video “Lion Takes Revenge on Trophy Hunter” has been examined by experts in a variety of specialties, including visual effects. Close analysis of this video confirms that it is… 

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