This Infant Piglet Was Destined To Die, But Who Saves Her Will Drop Your Jaw!

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This little piglet was abandoned by her mother when she was tiny, for reasons we cannot understand, and she was about to give up on life when Katjinga, a massive eight year old Rhodesian Ridgeback farm dog took matter into her own paws. They called this tiny piglet Paulinchen!

This piglet, when she was abandoned, was in a really bad shape, she was hungry and cold. She was just moments from death when Katjinga’s people found her and placed her into the care of their loving dog, who gladly became the piglet’s surrogate mommy. Katjinga instantly fell in love with the two week old Paulinchen and took care of her.

Paulinchen also tried suckling from her massive new mommy and mommy didn’t mind it at all. Paulinchen wasn’t the only one in her litter, apparently she has five siblings, but she was the only one abandoned. When they brought her home, she was very cold. According to her rescuers, if they wouldn’t have rescued the tiny piglet then, she would have definitely ended up on a fox’s dinner menu for sure.

Katjinga’s own litter of puppies are now 10 months old, so her people thought that she would be a caring mommy to the tiny piglet. When they presented Katjinga with the piglet, she immediately fell in love with her and she straight away cleaned her to make her warm! She is the best mother anyone can ever imagine! Not only that, Katjinga started lactating again and started feeding the little piglet. She regards the piglet as her own baby.

This is incredible isn’t it? Katjinga deserve the Mom of the Year award for taking such great care of the tiny piglet. Please don’t forget to share this remarkable story with your friends

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