Cats Start Fighting As Soon As Dog Turns His Back, But None Of Them Were Prepared For This!

606 views 08 January 2017

Blessed be the peacemakers. There is too much fighting in this world. We fight over just about everything and it is just ridiculous. In this video, two black cats are having a loud and very vicious disagreement. They are not holding back hissing, growling, and the claws come out. Then, a black dog approaches.

The cats seem to settle and the dog walks away. But the cats go right back at it, and the dog and two others jump in to stop the fight! You can tell the dogs don’t want to hurt the cats, they just want the fighting to stop. Hopefully, the cats were scared off enough that they didn’t pick up the fight somewhere else.

Too bad the human with the camera didn’t step in sooner. The dogs seemed to have more sense and stopped the fight without human intervention. Share away, people!

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