Caretaker Didn’t Know Camera Was On. What She Was Caught Doing To Her 94-Year-Old Patient?

4357 views 02 January 2017

Caretaker. The word implies that the person will ‘care’ for the people they are in charge of. Sadly, some caretakers are just bullies. We have heard of kids getting bullied at school. But a more scary kind of bullying is when the elderly are bullied by the people who are supposed to be taking care of them. There is no excuse.

If you are hired to care for someone, you should be the last person to mistreat them. The 94-year-old woman in this video has Alzheimer’s, and we can see her caretaker pushing and smacking her. You have to wonder why this woman is even a caretaker at all. Clearly, she doesn’t like working with people.

Hopefully, the woman got fired, arrested, and put in jail. Picking on vulnerable people is the worst. Lock her up – toss out the key. We hope the woman has a more responsible caretaker today. Share away, people.

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