They Took Away This Bulldog's Puppies And Left Her Alone To Die, Then This Happened...

7023 views 14 September 2016
This is the tale of a bulldog by the name Rosebud who was bred, abused and abandoned when she could no longer rear. Rosebud was rescued when she was put on the Red List; ready to be euthanized within a day by the shelter who came across her portfolio coincidentally. The rescuer rushed to the shelter and saved Rosebud from the verge of death.

Rose was found with worms, fleas and parasites and she had even contracted a skin infection that made her pain worse. When Rose was brought to the shelter, she cringed and cowered in the corners. She spent time away from humans, volunteers and other dogs for some time to recuperate with her past. Surely, the past has had a toll on her health but she has recovered.

Rose is feeling love for the first time in her life. She was never kissed, let alone be petted from the cages of her past. Moreover, the volunteers are trying to fill up all those loveless days of her life with an eternity full of kisses. Share Rose’s amazing story with your friends

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