Employee Humiliates Blind Man By Kicking Him And His Service Dog Out Of Convenience Store

997 views 14 September 2016
Michael Barnes lives in Athens, GA and has a seeing eye dog because he is blind. But a clerk at a local store felt that having a dog in the store wasn’t appropriate for any reason. Michael and his friend who also had a service dog were humiliated and asked to leave.

Barnes said he showed the clerk a handbook full of rules and laws that said it was completely legal for Michael to bring his dog into a public place – and that it is illegal to not allow someone with a seeing eye dog into a public place. In the video, we hear that the store manager didn’t know it was illegal to prevent people in stores if they had a service dog.
Barnes has filed a lawsuit. He says no one should be treated like that in public. It is hard to imagine that people would be so rude to someone with a service dog. Share away, people.

Source = heroviral

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