Ballerina Dances Up To A Black Horse, But It’s The Horse That Takes Center Stage

195 views 10 January 2017
A short film with the title “Instinct Of Colors” showed four colors by the nail polish brand called OPIin 2012. The company enlisted ad agency DAN Paris and together they managed to create an incredible clip for us all to see! Hold onto your seats because you are going to be blown away!

The main star of this stunning advertisement is a horse aka the Lady in Black. The horse was trained by a French equestrian stunt trainer called Mario Luraschi. He describes the horse as a thoroughbred horse. While some of the dressage movements are authentic, most of the horse’s movements were possible thanks to some skilled animators. This features the song “Down the Road” by French DJs C2C.

Watch this piece of art in the video below! Did you like this? Share your thoughts about it in the comments!

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