Baby Miniature Horse Thinks Human Is His Parent, Older Horse Thinks He's Nuts! (VIDEO)

7450 views 09 September 2016
I’m sure you all know the meaning of love and the meaning of unconditional love, they’re both quite different. Now this horse loves his human unconditionally, and he loves him so much that he actually thinks that the human is his father! Now what happens is that when the human starts running, the miniature horse starts chasing! The other horse just can’t understand what’s all the hoopla about!

So as soon as the two are done chasing, the older horse gets a doubt, he wanted to find out whether that miniature horse chasing the human was really a horse or a human baby! Because if he was a human baby, the chasing would make sense, right?! As soon as the baby nears him, he takes the opportunity to sniff and viola…it’s a horse?!
Yes you can tell that the older horse was confused with the baby’s behavior, but then that’s called unconditional love! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

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