Apprehensive Dog Sniffs Owner 2 Years After Being Stolen, Then Goes Absolutely Crazy

829 views 25 December 2016

When an owner loses their dog, their life is changed forever.

Whether they actually have lost their dog, it was taken or even died, the mourning and sadness will feel as if it’ll never end.

Our dogs are a huge part of our lives, and they often become our best friends. So when they’re gone, a piece of us is too.

And for Jose, his best friend Chaos couldn’t have left at a worse time in his life.

Jose had just gotten divorced and lost his house. He felt broken, so he gave Chaos to a friend who could better take care of him.

This was supposed to be a very temporary arrangement, though. Unfortunately, the “friend” who took Chaos decided to keep Chaos for longer.

He first denied Jose the right to even see his pup. Then two years later, Chaos was found abandoned. Animal services ran his chip in their system and called up Jose.

The video below shows the emotional and unexpected reunion of these two best friends. Although Chaos is very timid at first, once he smells Jose’s hand, it’s as if his dreams have come true.

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Video Credit: Winnebago County Animal Services 

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