Do Animals Have Down Syndrome? Here Are 14 Beautiful Animals Who Have Down Syndrome

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A disease where the individual has an extra chromosome in the genes is defined as Down syndrome. We present you the best bunch of bravest and cutest animals that faces this syndrome in a different way. The disease might have slowed down the motor skills in the animals listed below, but has not slowed down their zest to live!

The adorable little monkey does not care about the syndrome as long as Mother Nature is around him!

Otto the kitten’s eyes might seem large to you, but she is one heck of a charmer if you meet her in person.

Evident from his face, this cute one is happy to take things a little slow.

The woolly sheep has a different idea about life altogether, as his face says.

The white whale is the cutest things that you will ever see! He was diagnosed with Down Syndrome after his interaction with humans and other fish.

The donkey is merely tripping on life, and he suffers with Down Syndrome too.

The white gorilla has turned silver with wisdom now.

The giraffe can also suffer from Down Syndrome, and you can see the difference in his face.

The cute koala also suffers from Down Syndrome hence his behavior would be different compared to other koalas.

The turtle has seen life in the slowest frame and you bet he is wiser than other turtles.

The hamster has decided to slow things down and walk.

The cute pug likes to take things steady, serious and gradual.

The beautiful white tiger called Kenny had blue eyes, but in 2008, he died of cancer after living years with Down Syndrome.

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