Animal shelter’s low-budget commercial is taking the internet by storm

130 views 07 January 2017

People think that if they buy a pet from the pet store they are getting a ‘good’ quality pet. But what most people don’t realize is that the dogs and cats in pet stores probably came from a puppy mill (or a kitten mill). Puppy mills are horrible places where mother dogs are forced to breed and give birth over and over.

The dogs live in squalor and are often neglected. We should not buy dogs or cats from stores – a better option is to adopt! There are millions of homeless pets across the country that need a good home. One no-kill shelter in Atlanta, Georgia call FurKids Animal Rescue has made this hilarious commercial that features all of the animals they have available.

The man often sounds like a salesman, but he makes some good points. Check out a shelter near you! The pet of your dreams could be waiting there! Share away, people!

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