An Old Dog Smiles On His Last Car Ride And Leaves The World In Tears

7926 views 06 January 2017

All dogs go to heaven. But as their humans and best friends, it’s a reality we never want to happen. Our pets — especially dogs because they are the best, are members of the family. They are our children, our siblings, our nieces and nephews.

We love and cherish them more than we do most people. That’s why when their short lives are coming to an end, we want to make their last days more special and show them just how loved they are.

One Reddit user known as ewhippieyoustink2 posted a heart-wrenching photo of her dog on his final days that captions, “An old dog’s last ride.”

The dog certainly shows his age in the photo, with fine wrinkles, thinning ang greying hair, taking a breath of fresh air on his final car ride with a huge smile and closed eyes.

Take a little extra moment today to show your furry buddy some love.

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