Abandoned Dog Is Tied To Tree And Left To Die, Then Stunned Rescuers Learn He Has A Microchip

1860 views 26 December 2016

When humans go out of their way for the good of helpless animals, it is something sacred and beautiful.

One night, a woman named Valia Orfanidou and her partner, Georgio, got a call about an abandoned dog who was tied to a tree and in need of rescuing. The duo quickly responded and hopped into their car.

Valia is used to saving animals from dangerous situations in Athens, Greece. Despite her experience, this animal rescue was a lot more complicated than she had initially thought.

In the video below, she and Georgio move slowly in their car, whistling and calling for the dog while scanning the mountainous area. Eventually, Georgio points out a mysterious white spot in the distance. Can it be the troubled dog?

Valia steps outside, walking closer to the white figure in the bushes. At last, they find the dog.

However, he is in worse condition than the phone call described. The canine is confused, frail, and skeletal. He isn’t disturbed by the human presence before him. Valia ties a leash on his neck and brings him back to the car.

Next, Valia brings him to the vet to seek medical treatment. The bony dog is being thoroughly examined when the vet makes quite a discovery.

The dog has a microchip.

Valia shares how she called the former owner and learned the raw history of the dog, whom she ironically named Tool. The owner told her that Tool had been given to a new owner, a hunter. The ruthless hunter tied Tool up to a tree after the dog formed a limp and could no longer serve the man in his hunting.

Valia rehabilitated Tool for only two months. His quick recovery put a smile back on his face and the faces of others. Now, Tool is leading a fulfilling life with his new owner, Lone. Check out Tool’s amazing recovery in the video below!

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